COLLECT is a proposition toward a performance for all participants: the audience and the performers. How do we know what we know, how do the different ways of knowing reveal themselves in the act of performance and the act of witnessing performance?

Many people have contributed to making COLLECT. By working with Deborah Saxon collaboratively on SOMETHING HAPPENS and with Deanne Butterworth and Jo Lloyd last year on SITUATION LIVE (1996), a collection of ideas began to accumulate and take shape. Earlier this year, I undertook NESTNET, a project supported by Dancehouse, in which I worked with Natalie, Tim, Kelly, Lily and Brooke concurrently mentoring their choreography and developing COLLECT. A residency at Lucy Guerin Inc. in October provided a pivotal consolidation period. All the dancers who have worked on this project have been enormously generous in making COLLECT, as have all the other artists. It is truly a ‘collection’ of our work together.
- Shelley Lasica, November 2011

COLLECT was shown at The Malthouse, Melbourne, in November 2011

Choreographer and director Shelley Lasica
Dancers Natalie Abbott, Deanne Butterworth, Tim Darbyshire, Kelly Jirsa, Shelley Lasica, Lee Serle, Lily Paskas, Brooke Stamp and John Utans

Set and costume designer Belinda Hellier
Lighting designer Rose Connors Dance with Katie Sfetkidis
Video designer Rohan Young
Photographer Rachel Roberts
Music and graphic designer Milo Kossowski
Production manager Katie Sfetkidis
Project management Moriarty’s Project
Diffusion Rachel Young