VIANNE imagines a world created by luminous shapes that create the appearance of solid forms in a theatricalised landscape. The sound images fly through an electronic world that simulates another time, a lost memory. The dance is the map by which we can orient ourselves in VIANNE's world.  
As part of the development process for VIANNE, LASICA engaged a group of artists: Ben Speth; Robyn McKenzie; Milo Kossowski, Anne-Marie May and Ben Cobham. Together they worked on developing the scenography collaboratively. These ideas have been realised in the production with music by PEACE OUT!, sets by Anne-Marie May, costumes by PROJECT and lighting by Ben Cobham. 
“Yet the beauty of Vianne is its ambiguity. It could be viewed as a narrative about personal relationships and memory, or enjoyed for the aesthetics of the spatial design...The result is a harmonious combination of all the elements into a mysterious whole satisfying yet open to interpretation.” Beauty found in ambiguity, Chloe Smethurst, The Age, Saturday 6 December

Choreographer and director Shelley Lasica
Dancers Deanne Butterworth, Jo Lloyd, Timothy Harvey, Bonnie Paskas and Lee Serle

VIANNE was first shown at fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne in 2008