Shelley Lasica

Full Colour

Full Colour explores the notion of ambiguity in performance. Full Colour reflects on choreography as an intentional act, rather than as reflexive, spontaneous movement. The contrast between the deliberate and the random, and the impacts of personal choices inform the work, which was developed during an intense three‐month period.

Premiered and presented at Chunky Move, December 2009 and consequently in 2010 at SEAM Critical Path, Sydney.

Project credits

Shelley Lasica
Featuring three performers and one different wildcard performer each performance. Deanne Butterworth, Kyle Kremerskothen and Shelley Lasica with Phillip Adams, Helen Herbertson, Joanna Lloyd and Trevor Patrick.
Milo Kossowski and Morgan McWaters
Ben Cobham, Bluebottle
Supported by
Chunky Move through “Maximised by Chunky Move”
Image Credits
Rohan Young