Shelley Lasica

Play in a Room

Play in a Room was first shown at Tower Studio, Melbourne in 2003

Play in a Room was a dance performance concerned with finding performance solutions and exploring the minutiae of theatrical activity: it was a creative strategy for making new performances to suit particular situations. The structure of the narrative and the number of dancers change for each performance according to the venue and the dancers involved. Utilising elements from past works, History Situation, with music by François Tétaz, and The Solos Project, Play in a Room was an intense and intimate dance experience.

“The sheer number of performers, along with its sustained elaboration, made way for a societal, rather than, say, molecular, sense of interaction. Not the society of the corps de ballet but one of steadfast singularities...They provide a degree of gravitas not simply because, like Proust’s ‘little phrase’, they reappear, remembered and familiar, but because Lasica’s work resides in their bodies and has done so for some time. Play in a Room was successful, satisfying and strangely moving.”
Philipa Rothfield, RealTime 70

Project credits

Shelley Lasica
Deanne Butterworth, Tim Harvey, Jacob Lehrer, Jo Lloyd, Bronwyn Ritchie and Julia Robinson
Image Credits
Rohan Young