Shelley Lasica

Solos for Other People

Solos for Other People is an ensemble performance that explores how information is transmitted between choreographer and dancer, and how that evolves into a performance that encompasses and implicates the audience, just by being there.

Solos for Other People is about how we move in the world as agents and observers, continually making decisions and assessing our options, while exploring choreography and how it functions in this world of shifting contexts, authenticity and expertise.

“They fold at the middle, arms swinging, legs bending. Hands are pressed to the court as if to keep from toppling. It’s almost like the performers are drunk on Lascis’s vision. Her movement is heavy in their limbs — a familiar juice in the veins.” Andrew Fuhrmann

“Engaged in their own separate tasks, the dancers create little worlds around themselves. One woman gives a stylised monologue about her eclectic solo. Small groups begin to emerge, couples whose relationship is proximal, or symmetrical.” Chloe Smethurst

Solos for Other People premiered as part of Dance Massive 2015, presented by Dancehouse and performed on a basketball gymnasium, a space that is redolent of performance, activity and familiarity. It has since been presented at RMIT Design Hub.

Project Credits

Shelley Lasica
Natalie Abbott, Deanne Butterworth, Timothy Harvey, Shelley Lasica, Jo Lloyd, Daniel Newell, Bonnie Paskas, Lily Paskas, Deborah Saxon, Lee Serle and Kylie Walters
Milo Kossowski
Anne-Marie May
Lighting Designer
Rose Connors Dance
Costume Designer
Belinda Hellier
Kara Ward
Supported by
The City of Yarra through Dancehouse; the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria; and The City of Melbourne
Image Credits
Greogry Lorenzutti