Shelley Lasica

The Design Plot

The Design Plot is an ongoing collaborative performance project, choreographed by Shelley Lasica including collaborations with six dancers, a videographer, and a scenography consultant.

The Design Plot uses the structure of dancing, with the discipline of scenography as a source for its design and development. Scenography describes the visual, spatial and experiential composition of a work that also could include design and structure of the space, but also might be interpreted to include temporal, textual and sonic aspects.

The Design Plot is a performance project that develops structures that bring together spatial mapping, systems of sensory awareness, construction as scenography and explores the potential for collective improvised decision making. The work unfolds through a methodology that includes open research sessions, performance and the development of performance mechanisms through daily choreographic and physical practice.

The Design Plot has been presented at RMIT Design Hub, MPavilion, Gertrude Glasshouse and a cafe called Minanoie, MPavilion, Sutton Projects, The SUBSTATION, 212 Albion Street, Bus Projects and the Immigration Museum across 2016-2020.

Project credits

Shelley Lasica
Ellen Davies, Timothy Harvey, Louella Hogan, Shelley Lasica, Daniel Newell, Lilian Steiner and Jo White
Scenography Consultant
Callum Morton
James Wright
Zoe Theodore
Image Credits
Gregory Lorenzutti and Jacqui Shelton
Supported by
The City of Yarra, RMIT Design Hub and The City of Melbourne