Shelley Lasica

Texts & reviews

"Lasica talks about her unusual dance background, the influence of her mother and other artists, her experience of performance and the importance of standing her ground as a young female practitioner, taking authority and reversing the gaze."
–Tamsen Hopkinson. un Projects. 2018

"...‘revealing the truth’ in dance and how creating complexity and a kind of ‘unhooked narrative’ that is not linear or logocentric might be a more exciting way of looking at things."
–Tai Snaith. A World of Her Own for ACCA. 2018

"While Lasica dances, we are at liberty to do as we wish but always with an awareness that we are part of the situation also, and that our agency, attention and experience are not a pre-determined quantity that the work will drive through regardless. There is a palpable experience of being a part of a choreography in the here and now, an unrepeatable composition that occurs between whoever and whatever is in the space."
–Erin Branningan. Performance Paradigm Vol 13. 2017

"Because although the doing is not always witnessed, it is always happening. This situation is of course not exclusive to dance choreography."
–Shelley Lasica. Performance Paradigm Vol 13. 2017

“For spectators at Solos For Other People, there is no single point of view or perspective on the work…”
–Philipa Hawker. Sydney Morning Herald. March 12 2015

“People on treadmills stare in through the glass wall of the gym next door. No doubt they’re wondering at the synthetic chiffon catsuit and purple-sequined bolero.”
–Andrew Furhmann. Daily Review. March 16 2015

“Engaged in their own separate tasks, the dancers create little worlds around themselves…Small groups begin to emerge, couples whose relationship is proximal, or symmetrical.”
–Chloe Smethurst. The Sydney Morning Herald. March 15 2015

“And what if the performance was itself an experiment with the problem of performing the same thing, again?…expanding the sense of the different differences between performances as self-similarity under variant conditions.”
–Justin Clemens. VIANNE VIANNE. 2012

“Curiosity makes the dance fit the audience in the room.”
–Philippa Hawker. The Age. November 23 2011

“Lasica has left a lot unsaid and in doing so, given space to the observer to meet action.”
–Philipa Rothfield. Real time Feb-Mar Issue. 2010

“Lasica explores themes of order, randomness and control in our lives.”
–Jordan Beth Vincent. The Age. December 12 2009

“Shelley Lasica’s Vianne institutes many kinds of framing.”
–Philipa Rothfield. Real Tim Feb-Mar Issue. 2009.