Shelley Lasica

Behaviour Part 7

Returning to Shelley Lasica’s Behaviour series, Behaviour Part 7 reconstructed and replayed the artist's performance, together as an ensemble. Questioning how choreography is transmitted and archived through bodies and space, the performance is less interested in historical mimesis but in modes of politicising time and the economy of authorship through the activation of alternative bodies. Exploring the potentiality to shape the history through individual agency, Behaviour Part 7 asks what genealogies and counter memories may emerge from reactivation.

Behaviour is a series of solo performances by Shelley Lasica that was first performed in 1993 at the artist-run-space, Store 5 in Prahan. Behaviour went on to become a series of solo performances spanning four years and six different iterations, performed at various locations nationally and international, including Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne; The Performance Space, Sydney; Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane; Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide; and Southbank Centre, London. Documentation of an early iteration of Behaviour was recently included in the exhibition Every Brilliant Eye: Australian Art in the 1990s which opened at the Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia in June—September 2017.

Ensemble performance, 20 minutes

Union House, University of Melbourne, 3 February.

215 Albion Street, Brunswick (Melbourne), 8 September .
Presented as part of TO DO / TO MAKE, curated by Shelley Lasica and Zoe Theodore in association with Neon Parc.

Project credits

Shelley Lasica
Deanne Butterworth, Ellen Davies, LJ Connolly-Hiatt, Timothy Harvey, Alice Heyward, Louella May Hogan, Benjamin Hurley, Rebecca Jensen, Leah Landau, Shelley Lasica, Jo Lloyd, Caroline Meaden, Daniel Newell, Megan Payne, Bronwyn Ritchie, Harrison Ritchie-Jones, Lilian Steiner, Jo White
Zoe Theodore
Image Credits
Jacqui Shelton
Supported by
The University of Melbourne’s New Student Precinct Project is a proud supporter of Behaviour Part 7. Originally performed at Grand Buffet Hall, Union House, the performances focus on the Student Union’s rich cultural past celebrates the legacy of contemporary dance at the University and provides an opportunity for today’s students to connect with the next phase of Arts and Culture in the New Student Precinct.

Behaviour Part 7 was also supported by The City of Melbourne