Shelley Lasica


Collect is an inclusive and transformative work that interrogates the separate acts of performing and spectating. Collect seeks to discover the impact of an audience on work, to determine that one performance is never the same as the next. Nine performers, including Lasica herself, explore how people function in the world. The work is a process that creates multiple and fluid narratives.

"Many people contributed to making Collect. By working with Deborah Saxon collaboratively on Something Happens and with Deanne Butterworth and Jo Lloyd last year on Situation Live (1996), a collection of ideas began to accumulate and take shape. NESTNET, was a project supported by Dancehouse, in which I worked with Natalie, Tim, Kelly, Lily and Brooke concurrently mentored their choreography and developed Collect. A residency at Lucy Guerin Inc. in October provided a pivotal consolidation period. All the dancers who worked on this project were enormously generous in making Collect, as were all the other artists. It was truly a ‘collection’ of our work together."

‐ Shelley Lasica, November 2011.

Collect was shown at Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne, 26 - 27 November.

Presented as part of the Nestnet mentorship program .

Project credits

Shelley Lasica
Natalie Abbott, Deanne Butterworth, Tim Darbyshire, Kelly Jirsa, Shelley Lasica, Lily Paskas, Lee Serle, Brooke Stamp, John Utans
Moriarty’s Project Inc
Production Manager
Katie Sfetkidis
Set design
Belinda Heller
Rohan Young
Belinda Heller
Sound score
Milo Kossowski
Supported by
Dancehouse, Lucy Guerin Inc., and donations through the Australian Performing Arts Foundation