Shelley Lasica

Greater Union

Greater Union is a new duet work for Lasica and Timothy Harvey with whom she has worked with over fifteen years. The duet considers the unstable specificity of particular project and the notion of the archive, or the organism of ‘the body work’.

This is an ongoing work that emerged through the making of The Design Plot and includes elements of past collaborations, referencing past work and how to renegotiate a body of work.

Durational duet performance, 1 hour

The Substation, Melbourne, 29 July.
215 Albion Street, Brunswick (Melbourne), 21 October 2018.
Presented as part of TO DO / TO MAKE 2, curated by Shelley Lasica and Zoe Theodore in association with Neon Parc.

Project Credits

Shelley Lasica
Timothy Harvey and Shelley Lasica
Video projection
Callum Morton (originally produced for RESTRICTED SITUATION 1999) Objects: Anne-Marie May (originally produced for VIANNE 2006)
Zoe Theodore
Shelley Lasica
Keelan O'Hehir