Shelley Lasica

How Choreography Works

How Choreography Works took place over six weeks at West Space, Melbourne. It includes current and archival performance, both live and onscreen, existing between bodies and objects. Long time collaborators, Jo Lloyd and Deanne Butterworth have selected archival video of Shelley Lasica’s performance works and worked with Shelley Lasica to make a live work that lies between them. Choreography can take on multiple forms and can become many different things. It is porous and mutable, but resides so intrinsically in how we think socially. How Choreography Works speaks to ephemeral physicality; an experience that occupies a particular place at a particular time.

Exhibition and ensemble performance, 1 hour.

West Space, Melbourne, 9 October, 24 October, 6–7 November.

How Choreography Works has also been presented as part of the Choreography and the Gallery salon at Art Gallery of NSW as part of the 20th Biennale of Sydney.

Project credits

Shelley Lasica, Deanne Butterworth and Jo Lloyd
Deanne Butterworth, Shelley Lasica and Jo Lloyd
Archival Images and footage
Shelley Lasica