Shelley Lasica

How You See It

Shelley Lasica is the recipient of a 2014 Synapse residency through the Australian Network of Art and Technology. The project she is undertaking is a research project that looks at the relationship between sight and the others senses, in the context of spatial and proprioceptive awareness (sense of bodily position relative to movement). Investigating the junction between contemporary dance and a scientific enquiry, the project develops research into how deteriorating vision impacts the senses.

The project explores how spatial and proprioceptive awareness functions for performers and audiences, in their understanding and enjoyment of dance. It also specifically enquires about how this awareness and experience functions for people with sensory impairment.

The project investigates this field through developing a series of situations around sight, orientation and spatial awareness, investigating how these alterations might inform the development and apprehension of a dance performance. This project takes place atntre for Eye Research (CERA), Department of Opthalmology, University of Melbourne and Dancehouse, Carlton.

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Project Credits

Deanne Butterworth, Jo Lloyd
Shelley Lasica
Fleur O’Hare, Centre for Eye Research Australia
Supported by
Australian Network for Art and Technology