Shelley Lasica


WHEN I AM NOT THERE takes the form of a performance–exhibition. It embeds a major new choreographic work within an exhibition of artworks, objects, texts and sounds, all distilled from Lasica’s archive. This approach questions what it means ‘to perform’ and ‘to exhibit’, purposefully ensuring that one mode cannot exist without the other.

Lasica’s body of work is uniquely characterised by the conversations it holds with the traditions and practices of theatre, fashion, installation, painting, sound, sculpture, literature, architecture and choreography itself. These conversations create both a physical and relational infrastructure within her practice as she has moved between solo performance and ensemble works for many people. For WHEN I AM NOT THERE, Lasica has worked with a cross-generational mix of creatives, including dancers LJ Connolly-Hiatt, Luke Fryer, Timothy Harvey, Rebecca Jensen, Megan Payne, Lana Šprajcer and Oliver Savariego; sound artist François Tétaz; consultants Lisa Radford and Colby Vexler; creative producer Zoe Theodore and curator Hannah Mathews.

WHEN I AM NOT THERE was originally commissioned for Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne where it was presented from 16-27 August 2022. It will be presented at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in May 2023.

The publication accompanying Shelley Lasica: WHEN I AM NOT THERE is the first monograph of a contemporary Australian choreographer. Both the performance–exhibition and publication have been made possible by the support of the Australian Research Council Linkage Project, Precarious Movements: Choreography and the Museum, with the new commission supported by Monash University Museum of Art and the Art Gallery of New South Wales and their benefactor group, Atelier.

Project credits

Shelley Lasica
Luke Fryer, LJ Connolly-Hiatt, Timothy Harvey, Rebecca Jensen, Shelley Lasica, Megan Payne, Oliver Savariego, Lana Šprajcer
Hannah Mathews
Creative Producer
Zoe Theodore
François Tétaz
Creative Consultants
Lisa Radford
Colby Vexler
Image Credits
Jacqui Shelton
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Precarious Movements: Choreography and the Museum is a research project hosted by UNSW Sydney and involves the following partner organisations: Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney; MUMA, Melbourne; National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; Tate UK; and Lasica as Primary Research Associate.